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In The Endless Rain (Kirlian Camera)

Dead cities. Me inside me. Spring's coming from you in this solitude. Lost in the true of death. Sands. Icy Miami Cyborgs Icy Miami Cyborgs, Inside, inside... These men without my eyes, they don't know, they don't know. The warm wind's calling from the sea. Waters in which I'm drifting. Golden desertical beachs. Eternal love, eternal cry. I see the windows, I see Uranie hotel from the inside, old chairs on the edge of the wall of shadows, and all that I love... Dad is dead in my arms, and so, all each others.. Mother! The trees rebirth around him how can I explain it to myself..? Lights of life, lights of life so near to me, one step again, only one in your rain; laying on the sand.. Rain's falling on his body. There's a point in that immensity, in the obscure ocean. And now Miami is dead, Wet sands... wet sands...