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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Where We Belong (Passion Pit)

It's gotten cold in here, But a solemn warmth draws near And with a gentle touch, All these burdens and such fears are wiped clear Who says you are to stay? How's this the easier way? It's far from giving up, Cowards never say "enough is enough" And then I'm lifted up, Out of the crimson tub The bath begins to drain And from the floor he prays away all my pain Who says that God exists? We can't see icons or myths, but I believe in you, Do you believe in me too? Gabriel All the things you can't control Should never destroy your love or hopes I found a place, I found a place, I found a place where we belong Never did I think that I'd be lifted to the whitest cloud Never did I ever think I'd find all of the things I've found It's hard to keep on living when your heart weighs bout a million pounds All I've ever wanted was to be happy and make you proud