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Half Empty? Half Full? I Never Got A Glass To Start With (Moneen)

Murders and motives for me, your alibis and witness won't mean a thing. Try something different today, kill yourself then tell me my love is fake. They say you love more when they die, Well if you're still dead and I'm still sad it won't help a thing. To the point where I can't sleep, or even think again, I'm dead Should have though this trough. Should have ran this by you. I'am going through the steps for your death. Knife fights and stab wounds for me, put up a fight and you'll see what I mean. This is not the way I'd like to be. Take your car and run me down and put me in my place if I kill you and you kill me, We'll take a picture, think how romantic it will be. To the point where we won't sleep or even live again. In love we are dead. I have sadness,I'd rather have nothing. I have nothing. All I have is nothing. That's just the way things go for me. When I try hard I fall and falling you is like ripping out your ribs and holding them for you. I'm not that half bad, it's hard for me to prove that. Even though I feel I have nothing, I still have you with my nothing.