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Tonight, I'm Gone (Moneen)

Too late tonight, I'm gone and your miles ahead and I'm lost. Throughout this darkened scene, dark skies invade my dreams. The light resides in lines, offser in different times. And I'm blinded by a sea of this strange memory. Frames change and I'm still lost. Scene stills lay still in this fog, ans I try only to see straight into through you. Your eyes become so bare, an eager empty stare. And I'm blinded by a sea of this strange memory. And I am...and I see.. it's just me. And I drift quietly through the thick of trees leaves. My mind slowly separates from my body. Days late and I'm not around now.. I don't care. Dreamscapes escape all my thoughts. Awake. I dream of a fate I cannot escape, now it's too late. Time dies in straight lines. Waiting, and I can't take anything, You try to believe everything, but I can't. Follow me again, out from everything. The dark that I dreamt are all lies I have meant...