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Damn What Another Say (Playa Fly)

Don't wanna hear another word One more might just get you served Expletory remarks that you make to shoot me to the curb Keep in stride with self-esteem If you down me I will beam Right up in the day and moonlight this here Earth has never seen Is your initiative generated by your jealousy? Is it infidelity or you just plain dislikin' me? I won't let that hold me back, your talk is weak as paper sacks In fact that motivation is for reachin' straight for Haitians jack Bustas always instigate, even some will speculate Not to irritate this Playa Flizy when I meditate Always rain on my parade and rate me as an underdog Still I will be standin' killin' hard In the smoke and fog Conversation killers, talkin' thrillers, often say alot Then they throwin' salt on me and even hopin' that we rot Salt is known to melt and so it's not a fear of Parkway Damn what another say, Flizy gone make it the hard way, hard way Damn what another say, we gone make it anyway (8x) Also when you down a Playa Nothin' but a gossip-maker You don't wanna see me at the top that's with the Undertaker Breaker of my concentration, headed for disintegration Fly must pay my dues and plus pursue a greater occupation Livin' in prosperity, prosperous as I can be I will never let another keep me from the T-O-P Bustas can be full of envy, and your game is clear as glass Went from one to ten and now I cannot let nothin' past Keep my eyes open wide, watchin' you and other guys What you say is cheap and dirty, cannot hurt this Playa Fly Dirty workin' featherweight, infiltrate and interfere But no interceptions will be made while I am standing here If you want to enter this Then I know you interested Sooner later, Fly gone pick on tricks, you should have never tested Native of the S-P-V Buck the way that we gone stay Comin' from South Parkway Damn what another say! Nigga!!!!!! Also with the enemies Judgin' up but never gleam Sayin' what they think you want to hear to keep me off the scene I don't want revenge, just submission of you wanna bes Flizy can endure what you can dish and rise to victory Never trustin' in the truth Not in what you say or do Not in tribulations and the trials, that you put me through Fly got faith that Fly gone make it It's so real and others fake it Just awakin' shakin' once again, while you breakin' achin' Start me from the camel's back Dig it? Now I'm strikin' back Playa's gone attack just like before when bound with glocks and macks Ridin' off and hittin' paydirt while you tricks are livin' underground C-O-N-I-N-K-I-N-G, Fly be in Funkytown Disregarding your remarks Dodgin' cars, I'm quick to pull Boy I know that ??? that you flow trick is full of bull This will be my testament I will practice what I say Damn What Another Say, Flizy gone make it anyway, anyway, anyway [Chorus x26]