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Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth (Playa Fly)

Wakin shakin the early morn Playa Flizay you know its on Nappy Hair and some golden teeth Fly be in to the f**kin ball Blunja stay up in the air Fuck the square its not good for me Everything growing green is good But Newports gone tear my teeth Heres a seldom look at me cause thats just not so cool to Fly Check the definition Nappy hair all you will see as I Lookin mean with the golden gleam Nosey suckas read and weep Regroupin bustas that dare to stare like im just some big site to see Flowin straight from funky t-izo Fly full of plenty game Fly predicts me Fly aint trippin I roll wit some ballas mayne Gorilla pimpin Fly spit to get up on funky ho Flizay hair may be rough and tough but that just don't matter doe Standing on the track playa fly grilling on you tricks Playa lookin wild so I style and its evident Staying on my level theres so many hoochies choosing me Golden child is styling and profiling with NAPPY HAIR AND GOLD TEETH Nappy headed youngster who's a monster in the studio Flowing it in dope and it in nappy hair is on the go Yo I blo wit golden gleam Wonder do you know what Fly mean I attract plenty of attention when public people are listening Education youll be tasting times a wasting prejudging me You open up yo ear you wanna hear it I guarantee -Why do you wear your hair like that? Why do Fly have to cut it -I like them golden teeth you got Well if you like it I love it And now im grinning at you tricks Dont think Fly rich cause you see my golds If I know something you dont know game is sewed And I told hizo crown, evil frown Start to spread from town to town If you growing nappy rolls you and playa super down If you dont you super cool thats just what this playa do Plain and simple Fly remember ever since I was only two Same old rough and tougha hairdo That suits me to a tizzy But later on I added a touch of class My gold teeth Flizay has no idol Playa title placed before my name Grilling just to gleam And wit no meaning I was born wit fame Profile so low key mizayne Nonchalant without a care Playa dont dress to impress, but love to wear my nappy hair Snizort sneezing Blizunt blinking Thinking of a master plan A nappy headed playa joan Iz-out from the crowd I stand In a very solo clan Wiz-one of a kind its me Sport yo trizack, fade, or curl but Fly gone wear mine naturally Happily is how I be strolling in a lonely world Girls who scoping everywhere saying itll be cute if he had a curl On my hair I twist and twirl when im B-O-A-R-D Even when im on that funk or thinkin bout Fly H-O-G Believe me when I tell you so that Flizay love my nappy hair And love to see my gizold beamin, hate to see them bustas starin Hizo you should now knizow Why the playa so unique Partially not only me ho cause my nappy hair and gold teeth [chorus till fade]