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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Cranford Ave (Miles Away)

Memories way back when I thought I ad it all Constant battles going on inside Always getting caught up in before Demons they stay hidden But they come creeping back When I'm walking ahead and I feel content Just backtrack Push self destruct when we had enough Brings me right back To the place that I know Where I call home sits empty To the place I know The only place so empty A witness to my life in a third person view A witness to mu life I just can't take control Retrace my steps year after year Feel it in my soul I'm not content Push rewind hit repeat Alarm clocks ring and it's groundhog day I just can't figure out my wrong turns Lost in maps that represent my life It's dragging on, dragging on I'm losing grip Dragging on, dragging on I've lost my hold Sanctuary of dead ends That's where I'll be Sanctuary of dead ends that's where I...