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Ghostwriter (Miles Away)

What did you expect, it’s always been this way Looking for the chance to finally feel complete Years fly by, you only live the past Disowned, by myself, don’t ask why I’m losing battles that I’ve already won I’m fighting demons that are already dead Because you left Left that space inside my head Empty space without a trace Feelings all but lost inside Emotion hard to fight, emotion now is hard to find The full void, an empty well Cobwebs in a jaded hell These are the things that I don’t want you to hear The hidden traits that I fucking fear There’s certain things I keep inside The dark side of my mind There’s certain things I cannot find The dark side of my mind These are the things that I don’t want you to see Say goodbye to all of those thoughts Say goodbye to everything Say goodbye to a mind locked in the past and all I’ve kept inside Breaking and taking this home I’ve been making Waking and faking these breaths I’ve been taking Life takes a hold, time takes its toll Life takes a hold, takes control