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Just Be True (Gene Chandler)

We're kids no more baby, we belong you and me together I vowed never to do you wrong, and shall always keep you happy, (together) Now dear the things that I need are very few But there is one thing, that I demand of you Just be true, to me, just be true Don't be offended from the things I've said For I know it will never be that bad But my dear, I couldn't help but let 'cha know That if you should leave me, it would hurt me so nah nah nah nah I've given you all of me, and and plan to give even more, baby My true love and a sweet affection, and there's even more in store, baby Now all these things for you alone I'd do And I'd need nothing in return, just as long as you Just be true, to me, just be true To me, wo oh wo ooh wo baby, (fade) to me, be be be be be be be be true