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A Damn Moment (This or the Apocalypse)

I wrote our families' name before the Atlantic sea I'm giving up, I'm giving up The water rose and it just took it all away from me I'm giving up, I'm giving up You'll never get back to shore if you don't know who you are I keep sailing off to find myself and coming back short I can't believe we were just made to fade away So don't you go without a fight for me Do it for me, do it for me We feel so old, yeah, we feel so useless Just work horses kept These are not our faces But look at your body You still could race this I see you there and it's killing me Stranded in the water but I made it I'm giving up, I'm giving up Day in and day out Wait for a way out This is our family crest Day in and day out Fight till you bleed out That's how we fucking give up This is our family and they don't belong here But we're still a kingdom And we don't turn our backs no matter how much it hurts Cause I know what it's like I know what it's like to give up