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Alaska (Agents of Good Roots)

Welcome to the world of the northern hemisphere Greet the winds of this heavenly frontier Water pure as the blood of Mary's son Cast your fears to the northern lights above Take the time, pull this splinter from your eye View her tears as they're falling from the sky Virgin child, on the verge of great demise From the hands of the ruthless human kind Chorus: Don't tarnish this silver realm Don't rain on her golden dreams Don't lie to these open arms Then wake up to find she's gone and won't be home again Twilight is the time, vibrant colors paint the sky Across the mountains, capped with snow and whipped-creamed clouds The wind, she sings in a whisper soft and mild Coaxed to sleep all the children of the land Stand in awe as you're drifting off the shore Watching glaciers cast their elders to the sea A winter's rain cools the fever from your soul Bringing peace to your spirit as it soars Our ways have turned the world around Split the chain and broke it down She's drowning in the dark Goodbye to the love of the land that graced our lives Come corporations, watch the smoke infect the skies Oil, it stains the beaches once alive Test your conscience, test your will to pull the line So save your sister homeland, you can, you can, yeah you can