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Eric (Agents of Good Roots)

I got a friend named Eric Used to play that mean guitar Played that guitar While he was laying beneath the stars Looking up to the wind he'd say "My girlfriend it's for you" Philosophy is all grand But all good is not the truth We can make a movie In it, you can be the star Bobby, Bobby could be your brother He could play guitar We can say we'll lose the beat And I'll get the rhythm list My friend Eric turned into such a fine mess He used to take medicine It used to make him sick He would have to leave his place And make a big trip A road trip to Bahama Beach With palm babies in the sun He'd just go tasting all those juices Licking some of that fun He says now "Brother lets go down under the board walk You bring the cocoa oil I'll bring the soda pop I'll fall in love that girl- She's dancing in the sun" His name is E-R-I-C He's so high he's so fly He says come on Oh, Eric used to play guitar On Wednesday nights And the gypsy blues would sing Well he made me think It made me want to play Yeah, my friend Eric Was a damn good player on the guitar Why his guitar would sing And the gypsy blues, they would reign He says now "Bobby I must get back to see my Pa He's sad and lonely Tells me 'Boy you're my only star' Don't sweat it I'll be back in three weeks time or less My name is E-R-I-C I must happily confess, yes"