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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Shine On Mama (Agents of Good Roots)

Hello to the moon I look at it and I think of you Hello to the blue And capture it like a lonely tune Well is it too much? Overdone, like a fun stunt Too much is all I want I need to find it again Like a monkey grin Shine on when I turn to you Shine on when I look at you Shine on when the music's blue Shine on like a cuckoo's coo Now I'm feeling like a big star I've got the world on my shoulders Then I'm driving in my big car Babe you better move over You know they say I'm going to go far I've got my six-string guitar So when you see me in my big car Beep Beep First light never seen Yellow moon followed me to sleep Tongue in cheek tongue in hand Followed me like a "lonely woman" Well am I all right? I need the back-beat To keep me upright All right is what I like Need to find it again Like a monkey grin Beep Beep Babe you better move over