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Sidewinder (Agents of Good Roots)

Standing in the Eden Garden Lying in the shade Sidewinder in the dirt Grass cutting King of Spades Sidewinder Adam was combing hair Eden was bearing fruit (chorus): Passion was in pain Now the politics beware Pandora's open box Lock lay broken on the stairs Eyes are open Mouths are choking The glass is broken bare She said to me Eyes that glow are yellow gold Don't cross that sidewinder in the road Smoke in the flower pots Evening comes and leaves a blot Lying to the leaving love Planted from the Jah above Sidewinder Took a bite, bit her lip Water running on the trip (chorus) Joker's wild, Eve is heavy Adam got his lid flipped Naked bones bright and white Fruit was juicy, tree was stripped Sidewinder Fig leaf and fidgety Better days on Adam's Eve (chorus)