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Where'd You Get That Vibe (Agents of Good Roots)

Generation x Where'd you get that vibration Did you buy it from a dealer, Did you get it from a healer, Or did you steal it from my imagination Well you can take what you need Tabitha it's not me; It comes from the well-spring swing Ask the girl in the green tee Why else she'd want to keep it 'til her dying day I got a fever from believing Slow down Got a head full of fire Rebound Can't fight with desire Slow down I guess i'm going to get, get Low down Where'd you get that vibe? Tabitha's got the hollywood smile Thinks that smile's gonna take her To the nile river to deliver A vibration high as the sky is wide She just bought a black cadillac, well Freedom is believin' you can never look back To the vibe Whether strong whether weak Whether low Where it takes you You can never go So fine, so fine Oh, yes it is, lord So fine, so fine So fine i blew my fuckin mind So fine, so fine Generation x When you meet your maker Will you ask for a list Of the one of the two Of the three of the four Vibrations You can add to your fix And tabitha blue Will you ever be alive? Spent your life chasin' after Other people's vibes Stuck with the dealer Or lost with the healer Will you make it to Your dying day?