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About Face (Have Heart)

fucked it up again. but i'm not looking the other way. i see my errors and i know i'm wrong, but it's gonna take way more than that to change my ways and start thinking straight, be the person i aspire to be. own up to myself. turn my life around. make amends to my friends, i owe to myself and them. pledge of allegiance to myself. so i must fucking say: i will change no more selfish ways, no more for # 1; its done. arrogance is of the past: so i must fucking say: i will change so you gonna try, or is it gonna be the same fucking song? i must find, i'll strive for i must find, i'll strive for HUMILITY. so don't lose, don't lose...your way. don't lose your way. i said its time we really take a look at ourselves and start caring about someone else.