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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Wild Love (Gossling)

Am Em Am 1. I was sour and I never wanted love to start Am Em Dm I thought, love keeps, for now we’ll stand apart Am Em Am I kept thoughts on how to be alone Am Em Dm Oh, now I feel my love for you can grow C Am X: Make and noise so I know you’re there C Am Just a touch is enough for me my dear F Am C F R: Take up my heartstring, play me what love brings, show me your lover ways F Am F Am Let feelings flow, tell all you know F Am C F Show me you would be, the one who could be, all that I ever crave F Am F Am The fire of, my Wild Love 2. The way through our lives with another one Is the lone way our hearts won’t come undone I took some time to come to you But, now I see the reason my love grew X: Make and noise... R: Take up my heartstring... X: Make and noise... R: Take up my heartstring...