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Hidden Eyes (Onward To Olympas)

I feel this is worth my time. This is worth every effort. I will not stand for what I don't believe. I know my place, I know my faith. Don't you tell me who I'm not. These are not the days that you need to let go, far from the lies that are sent for the test. This test of survival. I will never see you again. The problems you've created have been destroyed. The past regrets have been shattered. The past regrets have been shattered and I am never looking back. Look into the eyes of the outside. Trapped, closed in as time goes on. Looking through this clouded mind. Behind me is something I once lost and nothing I want returned. Take a chance to withdraw, destroying your pride and ignorance. Who will be the first to open eyes? What are you made of? Quit biting your tongue. Stop hiding from who you are. Seek the truth. Hold on to your ways and seek the truth.