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Sleight Orchestra (Dawn Golden)

There's some stars in my eyes Your sister's high, peaking on pills in the alleyway There's a mad death in your eyes Warm light shudders in the glow of my heart And the kids with black eyes shine bright in the morning light Warm day in the sun It keeps me balling up my fists for someone. Why do you always plead Keep me on my knees Keep running for the train But I guess I always worked better alone With my black eyes shining in the sunset Never give up. There's some stars in your eyes. The kids who shot Mikey are down low and telling their lies Well he died here with me But we're digging through his pockets Singing "no one's ever going to be free" We're singing hallelujah. I'm sorry. Are there stars That the gods don't know about? If there are We'll be digging through their pockets til dawn Are there lights Lights that shine for pretty fools like you and me? We're singing hallelujah.