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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Something For Everyone (Autopilot Off)

My pain is never ending, I feel it grow inside. Frustration overwhelms me there's no place left to hide. My mind is always racing. These things can't stay the same. I want to see the difference, I want to see the change. I'm standing outside for you to decide, but I don't want to wait. And I tried to be strong as we went along, and you said nothing changed. So what's left to believe? I'm not going to leave, there's nothing left to say. Don't say you were blind because I never lied. I'm just hoping now that you'll remember me. You know just what you're doing, because you do it oh so well. And maybe you tried to fool me, but I never fooled myself. Your story is always changing, but things still stay the same. And sometimes I long to see you, and sometimes I stay away.