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Underrated (Autopilot Off)

I waited patiently for you to come around, and I sacrificed my sanity to keep from breaking down. I always thought of you and forgot about myself, but the only one you care about is you and no one else. I used to be so naive. You never cared about me. Now I see that I can't achieve everything that you want from me. Honesty was all I asked but you just let me down. Countless times I gave you the benefit of the doubt. You think that I'm a fool and you'll get away with it. This time I'm not so willing to forgive and forget Feeling unappreciated Dedication? Understated. Everything is so complicated, I think that I'm underrated. You said you could handle it. You said "Go ahead and quit". Now you'll finally get your wish, so just try not to choke on it.