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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Walk On Water (Autopilot Off)

As I came to my wits end it was easier to break than bend. You said that I lost my faith but I think it was taken from me. Never could let my guard down. Once again I start to drown, because the water that you said to walk on suddenly gave way beneath me. Once again you prove yourself, and I'd expect it out of someone else. But it's the best laid plans that often run astray. Yeah I know it sounds clich©, but it seems the more things changethe more things stay the same. And that's proved to make me wise as I look through tired eyes. Don't ask me to walk on water, meet you on the other side. As you stand there looking blankly past me, now I've finally realized that I was never good enough, I could never do enough, I was only strong enough, to pick you up and carry you again.