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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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What I Want (Autopilot Off)

I never thought I'd come back around I never thought I'd see you again And it took one night when I packed my life And one to take it out again I took a look at a photograph Where we didn't even notice the lens Something came to life from that 3x5 It was you and me and innocence This is what I want This is what I need This is exactly what I've been waiting for I set it up in a picture frame Then I put a nail into the wall Time has put lines here on my face But it doesn't matter now at all It was me and you when we were together It was me and you when we were apart It was me and you in my mind and It was me and you in my heart It took so long to find it and some they never will A color print it took time and it held it still.