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Henry Walker (Del McCoury)

We're seeking information About a man who's living here His name is Henry Walker Now don't you fret and fear His crime is cold blood murder He's wanted by the law We'll take him back to face his crime It's the worst you ever saw Well we know Henry Walker He lives way back in the woods Where he hunts and traps and fishes And his living ain't too good But if you aim to catch him You better learn his hunting ground He'll hide just like an old white hare And you know he can't be found Yes the cold was splitting timber With a crack like a 44 And the wind was whistling through the lonesome pines It bit right through my parka And froze me to the core As the wolves were howling on the timberline We reached ol' Henry's cabin By noon of second day He must have heard us coming For he up and he ran away We camped by the rocky rapids While the moon was shining bright We heard ol' Henry laughing Way out in the night We tracked him for a week or more Through the swamp and through the hills Till a rifle roared I cried "My God My partner has been killed" I propped him by an ol' jack pine And swore a solemn vow "Lookout Henry Walker It's you and me right now" So then I started thinking He could not be found Then one day by a frozen lake Like a fox he went to ground And he tried to run But the ice was thin And he fell on through I watched him as he sank and swore "I'll put a curse on you" I dragged my frozen partner Through the ice and through the snow I lost three fingers and a toe To the frostbite don't you know Though the years have come, the years have gone I think about those times When Northern lights are dancing It makes me feel like crying As the wolves were howling on the timberline As the wolves were howling on the timberline