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2666... (The Misanthrope)

Oh friendless comrades of hate I cannot maintain our covenant Setting death to our poetic play Those smooth tunes of bizarre sadness A phoenix tear is falling Down upon our vain dust On your knees I'm prostrate with grief I'm the stake and the cross Not been enough strong to get over the step Proof of defeat suffering, eternally guilty of failures The theater bizarre's curtain half open An expending branch Alceste Moliere's principal character Is lost through time In the immense cosmos daedalus Forever tormented with sorrow and suicide desire Alceste, the principal hero Is lost through time in the cosmos Eternally reclused in the grief of his retirement A thousand years of nothingness 2666 Future futile... To save our reason's mind Moliere will drop his utopist Into the limb of an elsewhere Teleportate a century after his ultimate separate Love-seeking with the others A projected vagabond in a new form of world A similar surrounding is offered Finding away all the humanist Alceste discovers his inner hate And the future of the humain race 666 years after our era As a timeless fortune teller He will set in motion Celimene's pulsions And will make of 2666 the decadence Of an horrible futility to live And even less to love