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Big Timer (Kevin Rudolf)

R: I thought I told ya'll I was living like that So high I could never go back What if I never put it all on the line To be a big timer To be a big timer A little boy With bigger dreams In a world with nothin is ever what it seems Had found a way So I play guitar But I never knew I would make it far Now I rocking shows (rock shows) And droping beats (beats) Goin places where I was told That wouldn't reach Like a rocket ship To outer space And everybody who doubted me I'm on my way R: (2x) Big timer To be a big timer Now I know What I'm supposed to do Turn around and give it all to you So stick a ride Say goodbye And now it's time to leave it all behind But I'll never change I'm hitting everything Gettin the time of my life (I just gotta get it (2x)) If I make it through the night R: (2x) And now I'm my way To make to a better place R: (2x) BIG TIMER (7x) Take a ride And say goodbye Now it's the time To leave it all behind