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Chance To Change (Cardiant)

I have seen fighting to the bitter end on this field Like they cared what the life would be without foolish pride Sure I am looking for something to stand on I´m making my very last run though, and I know the price But could we see the life that was once behind us through these eyes In the end may be these concepts turn up again We all want to bear away the golden prize the pride is our oath, Now and before, for now. The hate and the will gives cause to compete day by day no more is honesty in our minds Unfair means rule this circus of misery It´s changing my life, changing your time If there was a chance for me to change I would let go all that pain and regret These are the words with flaming rhymes Spiced with the pride, yeah If there was a chance for me to chance We might not think of the price of our race These were the words that chimed once yeah How about? you´re loosing that all after this mindless war We can see the evening star though life has just begun FROM my heart constancy has almost gone Nothing to say or hear, this wound is to last. If there was a chance for me to chance I would make a move for the chance to my change I want to make a change, I want to feel a change Hopefully I am ready to arrange, hopefully I am ready for my change