Of Bitterness And Clarity (Vesania)

Command me not! I am the might that you'll never be What you've promised us to have after we're gone This we have here and now, for now is on forever They judgement day we're feared of Is the limitation of our minds Ah! Psychotronic streams Release the ghosts of the old gods The one resembling in the looking glass My demigod Look at his wings Slightly too big for the frame And those transparent eyes... I'd say the world will crush him down The thousand suns will die Before you figure that out How to handle the burden of those titanic wings Instead of trying to understand Enjoy this very moment of clarity As soon as you die ? the world dies with you Storm of voices Winds of brightness Rivers of gold Smell the sulphur Black light! The radiant prism glows upon the mirror walls Blindfold and chained fools Dragging their feet for slaughter