The Mystory (Vesania)

in a pale glare of candles I saw heavens wept with blood given into eternity oblivion the battlefield of the holy war 'who brought the light? who turned the glare of our eyes into tears?' with one piece of melting glass I cried and this one fell into limbo ages long falling traversing the far-away galaxies kosmos never remembered 'in it the path of stars engraved' and the light has pealed illuminating the omni-existence the tear fell down upon the monolith unveiling the one from myriads of cromlechs now, it shines as a crystal-cold flake the one, who possessed the mystery and become glorified by those, who know the empire of sins 'in them the path of stars engraved' and the rain, that rose from the crystal mountain washed away the divine blood now I shall inherit the strength with my love and hatred recasted into sword among halls of crystals palace of me frozen mirror-walls reflecting the interior into nothingness 'eerie labyrinth of paths uneasy' 'dort wirst du in Flammenmeer erkennen das Eis' through dimensions of unforgiven sins I know that blood must be shed I will engrave the paths on this earth still the light is pale