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Gretna Greene (Fight)

A purple bruise, A fractured limb, All covered up with lies. A swollen face, A bloody tongue, This violence denied. Empty now and meaningless, Ridiculed in shame, Until death do us apart, Who should take the blame? To live a lie Forgive or die. A stricken look, A lowered head, Reflections, turning back. A trembling hand, A quickened step, The dreaded, next attack. Turning from the holy ghost, Light and spirit fade. Waiting for deliverance, Every thing betrayed. To live a lie Forgive or die. A vacant stare, A beat-up faith, The book of truth reviled. A prayer to God, A plea for help, Held ransom with the child. Wide awake and holding tears, Fear that never sleeps, Curled up in the bed at night, The virgin gently weeps. To live a lie Forgive or die