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I Am Alive (Fight)

(Rob Halford/Brian Tilse) Verse : I am I said And I believe I make it here for something This is my time I¹m here and now And I¹ll fight on To get there Chorus : With prejudice in mind Through fear nobody sees Unwilling to accept This ignorant disease. Verse : By my own right I have a dream This is my life. I¹m someone. Look in my eyes I¹m everyman Feel what I see Inside you. Chorus : A damming of the facts A way that¹s negative Inside we¹re all the same We have one life to live The virus in the heart Enough to seal your fate Look deep at what you are It¹s time to kill the hate Chorus : A narrow mind will give A poisoned point of view Take care of what you sow The next one could be you By opening the door The end could be so sure A joining of the hands To seek and find a cure I am I said I am I said I have a dream I AM ALIVE !