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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Bury (Pay money To my Pain)

Something is changing inside of me I need to write down before I forget You never told me, you're alone Fury and anger breaks me down I'm so stuck and I can't get out But I can only, hate you Can't you feel me Can't you love me Even if you hurt me I still remember about your scars I could understand, stand aside Wanted something I can't take I'll be stronger once again Don't worry about me trust me Please trust me now Now, I have to see it This is for my love Open this heart and my mind Let me believe Now, I have to listen again This is for my love Remember why I'm still in here 'Cause it's all for you One more time help me sing again You can hurt me, I'll still be the same When it's something I can't take I'll be stronger once again... I need you to end my every worry Taking time is it for... You can hurt me down (You can hurt me down) I'll give you my love You are good as you are I will give myself for you You can live your own life for you It's all for you...