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Carpe Diem (Atrocity Solution)

Taking 20 drinks before my body hits the floor I start to reminisce on what days were like before And time and time again, with homies shaking your hand They had the other hand stabbing you in the back my friend It's a shame we couldn't get along together So many memories in the past it's not enough to recover from There's a never ending fued between friends and foes It's a battle and were always at each other's throats So long ago when were kicking back making the most It never occurred to me why we had to ruin this toast There ain't no reruns in this one and only life we have So I'll seize the day and always thank the past Heres a toast to those who drink to the worst Heres a toast to those who fear it first Heres a toast to all the good times Heres a toast We'll never let these times roll by We cheers with a 40 in our hands Drinking bottle after bottle Till the sun has rose again until I Can't take all the hassel that I get From these homies so untrue to their number one friend All my homies stand by me till the bitter end It's a shame that we can't have more to depend on It's what we embrace this is what we will face So I'll seize the day, it's always been our place We are the poor we are the strong We are the ones that don't belong We are the cold we are the slaved The ones that will never get to be saved We are the bold we are the bruised We are the ones that will always lose So raise em up in spite of this Our memories will always exist