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Demon In Disguise (Atrocity Solution)

With each and every dying breath. The shit you preach of burning flesh, is nothing more than fairy tales to scare the kids into their jails. With every lie in every song, your giving hope to those you wrong. So point your finger to who’s at fault, as your capitalizing on this cult. Terrorism at its finest, Evil people wear disguises, destruction in all shapes and sizes, evil people wear disguises. In the end it was all for nothing, I found no heaven to aid my suffering. Terrorism at its finest, evil people wear disguises. In each and every child’s pants, you’ll find exceptions to his wrath. What your preaching you don’t practice, your feeding on the innocent and lying to the masses. You’re a demon in disguise. You’ll prey on the people till the day you die, and as your dying you will learn. You will be the one to burn. This is your Life.