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Our Generation (Atrocity Solution)

Living in this world today Ain't so easy getting by And working nine to five Shouldn't be a life but still We try to carry on our lives The only way it's possible Living day by day drinking with The homies playing shows. Now I'm working for the man We bleed and sweat and fight Wars and little do you know We're all living behind bars But still we carry on fighting the Good fight while we're living Day by day in this motherfucken Hell we call life! Everybody throw your hands in the air Cuz we're never going to end The generation without our share Without feeling a fear We stand tall against our enemies Parents, teachers, cops and this life I will not fall without a fight Our strength is strong we're free tonight Sitting on the streets again With the paper and this pen Watching life just pass me by As these humans slowly die The time has come to make a change Of how we live or soon we'll pay For the damage thats been done We can't afford to see no more Go to church and pray for me And when we crash you'll surely see You'll be forced to save yourself From this hell that we have built But still we carry on fighting The good fight as were living day by day In this motherfuckin hell we call life This happens everyday Police just get a way Unpresented racist crimes Lets make them do the time!