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Panic State (Atrocity Solution)

Here it comes again, this rage consuming me The bottom of this bottle is a place Is a place I shouldn't be I'm a little uneasy in this state that I reside The devils on my shoulder, and I'm starting to confide In this place I call my home A fucking waste beneath your throne Who I am I've never known It's here I'll stand to die alone So bury me, beneath this wretched place And all that it's become, and Erase this human waste So we dreamed of better days They seem so far away But I can't afford to stay In this panic state All aboard this ship to hell My friends I wish you well But I can't afford to stay In this panic state Searching for a reason, my eyes begin to bleed I’ve lost all control of this life in front of me And the hate that resides deep within my bones Has left me crippled under apathetic tones Abandon all that we ever knew And all we ever knew Is that which makes me who I am