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Requiem (Atrocity Solution)

Triumphant fear We gaze into the eyes of hypnotists And these politics hold the pocket watch That is swinging in front of our heads As they tippy toe across the borderline Their laws become obsolete And the world as we know it just falls apart And it's right in front of our feet When the bombs fall like rain And the economy dies in vain The requiem will never chime For the world wide genocide A solution must be born For the atrocity we ignore And the world will finally see What atrocity solution means The weep of the requiem will turn The tear of the children will not burn The flags of our fathers will be lost When all is lost, you better find hope for us Victorious lies These champs have a home inside D.C. And the massacres that they puppeteer Have no hymn or melody It's a race to the top my friend And they're always waiting at the end And their lies and cheats and tricks and deeds Will not cease till they're fucking dead