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Scales Of Injustice (Atrocity Solution)

Scales of injustice, crush us Politicians have the guts and they're telling to trust All the wicked fleets, it's too bad you see That we can't all live in harmony So I'll be picking up every penny that I see on the streets And you'll be hoping that your god is as real as the priest So when your kid is being drafted to the middle east Just be praying that your god is as real as me One million troops (Ten billion bombs) Killers in suits (to shake your pulse) The corporate empire feeds the fire to kill us all (Kill us all) Bureaucracy (Hypocrisy) They pocket all (This country needs) No War should rob us of our right to democracy (Democracy) Scales of injustice, imply this That whose ever holding the gun should be the one to enlist And if you can't understand this message at hand Were going straight to the white house to deliver this plan All the fascists that are stuck up with their brand new suits Have the power to encage us with the red white and blue They've taping our mouths shut and robbing us blind But no one can see the damage of this white collar crime Where is your god, Now that your child is fucking dead For a war, your tears will forever she'd So the scales have been weighed and the guilty are free And yet you kept your mouths shut and stayed in your seat So remove the fuckin tape and annunciate The clock is ticking time away, do it now cuz tomorrows too late