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Deep (van der Veen Astrid)

I close my eyes and dream away you are realy something and that makes me smile so here I sit all by myself in the middle of the night I guess there's no one quite like you Like you've been close to me my whole life while we just really really met each other there is no need to analyse for the first time cause I'm not afraid, cause there is nothing to fear only deep strong feelings so deep, so deep It's really late but I cannot sleep I'm just staring outside, looking at the rain and if one raindrop could tell how much I love you it would rain for always It's like everything has been fantasised and dreamed like I'm confused because now I feel good when I'm with you I feel like some one I wanted to be my whole life And I thank you so much, so much for those feelings so deep, so deep I guess right now you're pretty much asleep But maybe you dream, which you won't remember But maybe you're also very awake writing songs which you won't sing I know that I love you and you may know it I know that I miss you and you may know it I'm happy we talked and I'm happy that you understood now I can live, like I should have with those feelings so deep, so deep feelings so deep so deep