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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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So Much More (van der Veen Astrid)

I really wonder how much I miss you Because you're always with me, in my head, constantly I guess I found that part in my life that was missing And I certainly don't want to loose you now And now I'm your girlfriend But I'm so much more than that I am, so much more than that I am, so much more than that You'll figure it out, I've thought long enough Now I'm cold, I close my eyes I do miss you much when you're gone I know I can tell you everything You said so and you're listening You know me better than anyone I still smell you, still feel you We can raise and we can fall Whatever, It's your room And now I'm your girlfriend I won't lie Won't close my eyes I'll open them and see you smile You're the sweetest person in my life