The Cleansing (Allegaeon)

This day unfolds wrath beyond life In front of your eyes we face the cycle The ground trembles as elevations rise The land gives way now we face the blast Your final hour brings understanding that your gods right under you This is the cleansing a global campaign exterminating the virus that is us Cleansing a global sentence reigning with natural justice This day unfolds for we cannot proceed The time is now for the land to bleed The global cleansing humankind fears Ash ridden skies Armageddon nears The skies light up with fire designed to cleanse the land Pyroclastic flow devours all within its path Destroying mans empires the infection that is us A conclusion to humanity our existence turns to dust This day of truth of humankind's demise exploits the powers of religions lies Catastrophic eruptions rhyolite floods wash away the streets