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Max B (ASAP Rocky)

Buccaneers of rugged gear, nigga fuck a fair One, since year one, I've been thuggin' here, yeah Whole shit is ours, you in awe, please don't get involved This is war, walk around a frame with blaze up in this jawn Behind prison walls, niggas lickin' balls, pause Different cause, stricted laws Damn if I don't break up in the mall, prison yard, prison guard No principal, detention on your friends and all Commissary missing like your sibling's paw Uncle Tom, please don't make my sentence long Granted what I did was wrong Pigs don't show remorse if you admit it all Missing ma, hope that she don't miss the call Admitted that she'll never visit Like the hard headed never listen, Lord So tell me how the fuck I'm supposed to eat? If the richer's getting richer, the poor's growing weak My brother died up in the streets, may he rest in peace Niggas got heat like Pusha T, get it cheap Flacko how you been, where you at? I've been kickin' back Relax place down my favorite thinking cap, scratch my nigga neck Hitta chit and chat, this and that, A$AP diplomats I'm missing Max, wish that they could bring the nigga Bigga back I wonder, laying in my bed Am I still too young, am I still too young? And I hold back, thoughts running through my head Did I fuck it up, did I fuck it up? It's like I lace up my boots and call my troops lately Traded all my hoodie rap for all my suits lately I'm 26 but I've been living in my youth lately Pull my wisdom, but I still spit it like my tooth ache me Duck shots, mother fuck cops, what's up blood clots? All I gots my words and my balls and my one cock Pause, buckshots fly, my young buck died Passed away from a stray, from some fake tough guy Now this the kind of story that should make doves cry Fuck that, this the story that should make thugs cry Dry your eyes older sis, held 'em close, watch 'em twitch Gave 'em kiss in the midst of all of this Ain't too late to pause or skip...