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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Demon Of Damnation (Highland Glory)

"Have I lost my mind why I am here?" Born as a man, resurrected as a God Born as a man, resurrected as a God "As I´m writing this this might be my last words" Cazing at the ground, left here all alone My spirit´s leaving me I cry for help out here, no one will ever hear My family´s grieving over me I fall to the ground as I pray for silence For this peace I've found, I can never regain trust again Can I be that man that you all obey Have I lost my mind? "Come to me and give to me your soul" I heard him say "Fall down to your knees and forever be my slave" I will be your servant Obey me servant Born as a man, resurrected as a God Heaven or beyond Damnation is here between spacer and time Beginning of the end Don´t fear now my friend