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Feel It Coming Near (Smoke Fairies)

Look up at the sky They predicted you'd be near Saw the doom impending and guessed there would be tears Stars you're old light Are you wise? Did you bring me here? The mighty sky is calling As you strap me down Into the darkness Never destined to be found My trust is strong and eternal and I give it to you Feel it coming near And I don't know why I feel it in my blood Saturn's coming near Like the night of my birth Like the twenty- eighth year Circles that turn are you wise enough to move me on? Feel it coming near And I don't know why As I lift off my heartbeat trebles I'm not coming back Over your head I orbit three times and then burn out Stars circle by like never before and then fade And all the dogs howled to the night like a wave When the water in my body wants to rise up with the moon Seeks to greet the drying shoreline Depart from me too soon Soon you will flow, you will pour, drip away from me Feel it coming near And I don't know why