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Rap Battle: Ryu Vs. Ken (Starbomb)

Hey Ken What's up, Ryu? You know I think you're a fucking dick right? Yeah? Well, I think we should settle this shit once and for all with a rap battle to the death Okay Do you think you can stop eating penis long enough to do that? Probably Alright, let's do this! Round 1! Rap! Fuck you, Ken, you're such a little fucking bitch I'm gonna break your fucking spine in half and throw you in a ditch Start up a fucking beat and drop the motherfucking bass So I can shoot a load of Hadouken all over your face I'll break your glass jaw like it was made of fucking straw, man Shredding you up worse than Vega fapping with his claw hand Cammy and Chun-Li don't think you're sexy at all They're both coming home with me, one for each of my balls Like the bonus round car your ass is getting destroyed My cock is more swollen than Zangief's thyroids Your dick's three inches hard, I'm working with a soft ten So what you got to motherfucking say to me, Ken? I really don't appreciate those things you just said I was raised to respect others, and sometimes words can be hurtful And I just, I, I just think that maybe- Yo, an apology is in order Round 2! Rap! It's my honest suspicion You're gonna want a physician Only morticians are the one to help your future condition Cause me whooping on your ass is a time honored tradition So now I'll do it even faster in the Turbo edition Watch your back, bitch, I'm gonna make you scream My dick shoots farther than the arm of Dhalsim Just like Sagat's chest, you're gonna need a skin graft Now, please enjoy the tart, tangy taste of my shaft My rhymes are fat like the sumo E. Honda I'm the king of dick jungle with my giant anaconda Harness my Chi beat your ass with a Dao So what you got to motherfucking say to me now Alright, two can play at this game, dick-penis man Can you lose to me in a rap battle? Shoryuken Hadouken! You have proven that you are the best You have hadoukened a giant hole in my chest Hey, you did it! You rhymed on beat! Oh yeah, cool! Great job, man! I knew you could do it Thank you so much, I appreciate it Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! My scrotums...