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You Make Me Nervous (The Icarus Line)

Don't ever change. Why do we always have to meet here? Best friends till the end. Through the thickest of the thin. I want answers. Down here where the air seems so thin, almost like living undercover. Wouldn't want to wake this creature. Don't wake the creature in its slumber. I want some answers. We both know I can't save you from yourself. So just tell me everything's all right. Probably give you my left one, you've got my right one too. Taking suggestions on how we'll make it out of this. What the fuck are we gonna do? I need answers right now. (Just in case.) Why don't you break from yourself? From this hell you alone created, self devastated. He said, "Ok come over, just come over." If the best things are free, why do you take more than you need? Success through sabotage. You taste sweet all the time. And so it goes...