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Brothers and Sisters (The Kelly Family)

When we were kids We shared bread We shared our toys And we were friends Then mama left Us all behind We survived And had big dreams Then later on We shared guitars We rocked the stage And wrote good songs First we were poor Then we were rich We cried and laughed through all that time Brothers and sisters We had our fights We had our laughs We had our tears rollind down our cheeks Then you went your way And I went mine And the years that passing by Love came our way Marriages in the air And children were born Brothers and sisters Together we're strong Brothers and sisters Hold on Brothers and sisters Together we're strong We can make it again Oh we can make it again Here we stand On this stage Years have passed by and we're still strong We still sing We still smile And today we're here as one And you're still here Our dear audience You were true to us all this years Through ups and downs You supported us Your love carried us through Trough hard times Brothers and sisters... She left a mission for you and for me to accomplish She gave us the tools to survive and learn how to love And I carried her words in my heart and believed all these years "Do a super job" Brothers and sisters...