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Rock 'n' Roll Stole My Soul (The Kelly Family)

Tom had a job in a town outside the city was working very hard Life was lookinvery pretty nothing going wrong with the rockabilly Song that the radio was playing But then came around the Rockn Roll beggining Tom left the Town and got into the singin nothing was the same since he read a book saying "Wheels are freedom" Nowadays Rockn Roll stole my soul Rochindown the River like a rolling stone Rockn Roll stole my soul Rockindown the river like a rolling stone Tom had a band and made a good a livin toured all the land his dreams had been fulfilling was bringing in some cash but spend it all on hash thats when his life began to bend Times were looking bad he was lying in a clinic he lost all he had the world was looking cynic his innocence was gone but it didnt take him long Now hes singin on the street the song of his defeat Oh,yeah Beans,Beans The Musical fruit The more you eat The more you toot The more you toot The better you feel So lets have beans for every meal