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Debra Kadabra (Zappa Frank)

Debra Kadabra Say she's a witch Shit-ass Charlotte! Ain't that a bitch? Debra Kadabra -Haw, that's rich! Jone, a rancho granny, Shook her wrinkled fanny Shoes are too tight and pointed Ankles sorta puffin' out Cause me to shout: Oh Debra Algebra Ebneezra Kadabra Witch Goddess of Lankershim Boulevard Cover my entire body with Avon Cologna And drive me to some relative's house in East L.A. (Just till my skin clears up) Turn it to Channel 13 And make me watch the rubber tongue When it comes out Of the puffed & flabulent Mexican rubber-goods mask Next time they show the Brnokka Make me buy The Flosser Make me grow braniac fingers (But with more hair) Make me kiss your turquoise jewelry Emboss me Rub the hot front part of my head With rented unguents Give me bas relief! Cast your dancing spell my way I promise to go under it Learn the Pachuco Hop And let me twirl ya Oh Debra Fauntleroy Magnesium Kadabra! Take me with you ... Don't you want any a these?