Flakes (Zappa Frank)

Flakes! Flakes Flakes, flakes F#m E They don't do no good E D They never be workin D F#m E When they oughta should E C#m They waste your time D Bm There wastin mine Asm California got the most of them F#m Boy they got a host of them E A B R: Swear to god they get the most At every business on the coast Swear to god they get the most At every business on the coast They got the flakes Flakes! Flakes! They can't fix yer brakes You ask them "Where's my motor?" Well it was eaten snakes You can stab an shoot an spit But they wont be fixin it There lyin and lazy They can be drivin you crazy R: Swear to god they get the most... Take it away bob!!! D Em I asked as nice as I could D If my job would G A B Somehow be finished by friday D Em Well the whole damn weekend Em Came and went Frankie D An they didn't do nothing G A B But they charged me double for sunday D Em You know no matter what you do D They gonna cheat an rob you G A Tehn they'll send you a bill A B That'll get you senses reeling D Em And if you do not pay D They got computer collectors G A That'll get you so crazy B Til you head'll go through the ceiling Yes it will E A B, E A B...etc E Eaug3rd E I'm a moron an this is my wife She frosting a cake with a paper knife All what we got here's American make It's a little bit cheesey But its nicely displayed Well we don't gez excited when it Crumbles and breaks We just get on the phone and call some flakes They rush on over and break it some more And we are so dumb there lining up at our door E Well the toilet went crazy A B Yesterday afternoon E A B The plumber he says never flush a tampoon E A B This great info cost me half a weeks pay E And the toilet blew up A B Later on the next day Blew up the next day E D E D E D etc.. We are million an millions Were coming to get you Were protected by unions So don't let it upset you Cant escape the conclusion Its probably god's will That civilization Will gring to a standstill And we are the people Who will make it all happen Whilw yer children is sleepin yer puppy is crappin You might call us flakes Or something else you might coin us But we know you're so greedy That you'll probably join us Were coming to get you, were Coming to get you